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Overseas Voluntary Disclosure

Avoid IRS Prosecution – Take Advantage of Overseas Voluntary Disclosure

Effectively avoid prosecution by self-reporting your prior tax violations to the IRS by taking advantage of the IRS Overseas Voluntary Disclosure Program. Overseas Voluntary Disclosure participants would generally be subject to a 27.5 percent “offshore” penalty in lieu of various other penalties, including FBAR civil and criminal penalties which includes Jail time. Voluntary disclosures are extremely sensitive and complex and they are subject to strict rules and guidelines. IRS Overseas Voluntary Disclosure applies to citizen who:

  • Voluntarily informs the IRS of his tax violations.
  • Has only legal source of income.
  •  Is not under criminal investigation,  for tax evasion.
  • Files a correct tax return or cooperates with the IRS
  • Makes full payment of the amount due.

How can MyTaxFiler Help with Overseas Voluntary Disclosure

MyTaxFiler provides a complete insight into the tax code that applies to Resident Individuals in the United States, including Green Card Holders and US Citizens. It also assists its customers with:

  • Total compliance, Peace of mind Guaranteed!
  • Consultation and Impact Analysis
  • Analysis and Planning to reduce FBAR Penalty
  • AMT Strategies, Foreign Tax Credit
  • Review of 2009, and 2010 OVDI cases
  • Mutual Fund or PFIC computations
  • Preparation of forms required to participate in the OVDP program
  • Preparation of Tax Amendments and Delinquent FBAR
  • IRS Representation by Enrolled Agents or Affiliated CPAs and Attorneys
  • Last but not the least, all this for a fraction of cost charged by other firms.

Contact us Toll free: (888)-482-0279 or (888)-996-9829, Toll: (972)-349-0149 or (972)-961-9814 or you can mail us on: If you want more information on Overseas Voluntary Disclosure, visit mytaxfiler Blog to read more –

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