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Canadian Tax Return Filing Services

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” – Albert Einstein. The question is why does one have to understand tax when professionals at GVA are next to us?

Effective tax advice and planning can give your business a competitive edge. GVA offers a range of personal and corporate tax services designed to maximize your tax savings using the effective planning tools. Our experience and international network allows us to identify tax issues specific to certain sectors globally.

Below is an overview of the key services which we provide for Canadian residents & Expats -.

  • Income Tax Services – The deadline for filing your Canadian income taxes is midnight April 30. Our peace of mind giving Tax planning, preparation and filing services is like to single window service to our clients in Canada and overseas. All our clients do is just sign the T1013 tax approval form, mail/upload copies of latest tax return, latest tax assessment, original T4 copies for Employment income, T5s for investment income (dividend and interest), details of foreign sourced income, sale or deemed sale of stocks, bonds or real estate – capital gains/losses, plus other income, child tax credits, deductions, professional fees, medical expenses, educational, charitable expenses and RRSP purchase receipts. We do the rest!
  • Arrival/Departure Consultations – We offer complete analysis to an expat to plan his/her move to/out of Canada. We customize a proposal for the “situation” you are in, without following a cookie cutter approach. Once an individual becomes a resident of Canada, s/he is subject to Canadian income tax on his/her worldwide income. Filing of a tax return annually is mandatory. An individual who resides in Quebec must file a separate Quebec return. In all other provinces and territories, the provincial/territorial return is combined with the federal return. Canadian tax rates are graduated based on income. Combined federal and provincial rates maximum rates are 39% to 48.25%, depending on the province, with most near the top end. The maximum rate applies on income over $120,887 (2008). There are many things like this including GST, Repatriation of goods/cash to Canada etc, that has to be studied before one moves in and out of Canada.
  • Cross Border Tax planning – US-Canada, Canada-India
  • Tax Questions or Problems – US, Canada, United Kingdom, & India

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